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Plotting as a Service (PLaaS)

For the cost of a typical USB external hard drive available for purchase online or around the corner in your neighborhood big box store, we will build, validate, and cloud-ship that equal plot capacity in farmable plots for immediate farming. We now will cloud ship to any S3 compliant target in the world (no additional bandwidth fees).

Turnaround is typically a week (200TB or less) via our standard configurations. Customers will receive farmable plots in real-time to an S3-compliant target. Cloud hosting fees are additional (TB/mo). There are absolutely no bandwidth charges for plot cloud delivery. Through our preferred provider Wasabi, there are no farming bandwidth fees when leveraging the goofys S3 filesystem.

Our pricing is simple. Custom pricing per TB for plots generated based on customer requirements. No contracts or commitments. You decide the scale. Due to moderate demand, our minimum order is 25TB.

Allow our infrastructure to work for you and expedite your path to 1PB and beyond. We recently broke the 1PB record by delivering in under 3.5 days leveraging a 40 node cluster. No job is too great or small.Β 

We only require your farmer (farmer_pk) and pool (pool_pk) public keys.

All plot orders of 100TB or more will be fulfilled with two or more appliances to expedite plot generation.

Farming Optimization and Consulting

Why overspend on physical drives when you can host at a fraction of the cost in the cloud?

Absolutely no storage H/W to acquire if hosting plots solely in the cloud. Reach out to us to scale your farm today and let us remove the guesswork while you keep up with the net space growth and capitalize on your scalable capacity at a staggering speed.

We have facilities in Portland, San Diego, Dallas, Atlanta, Ashburn, DC, New York, Chicago, Amsterdam, Berlin, Australia , Singapore, & Tokyo (now expanding to Paris)
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We accept PayPal, Visa/MC/AMEX, ACH, BTC, TUSD, XCH, and DOGE payments.
** All sales are final (no refunds or returns on generated plot data). **

Due to ongoing high volume in all regions, orders placed after 12:00 PM CT will be executed the following business day. We appreciate your business and patience as we work to further expand our operations globally at a rapid speed.